GENIE - the pioneer of the industry from the USA

The story of GENIE Industries begins in 1966 with the introduction of the Genie® Hoist, a portable pneumatic material lift. Further material lifts followed, as well as a series of working platforms to meet increased customer demand. The products quickly gained worldwide recognition. Today, innovation and quality continue to be at the forefront for the manufacturer.

GENIE has its production and warehouse locations worldwide and is regarded as a full-range supplier. This means that from manual material lifts to self-propelled scissor lifts, telescopic platforms and telescopic-articulated boom lifts with working heights of 5.45m-43.15m, everything can be offered. The customer can also purchase telehandlers from this manufacturer and all this, worldwide.

Being environmentally conscious and striving for efficiency not only in manufacturing but overall, Genie works continuously to further improve the efficiency and environmental friendliness of its manufacturing processes. Using lean manufacturing methods, the company minimizes "wastefulness and waste" in production - with the goal of delivering the highest quality to customers in the shortest time possible at the lowest cost possible.


In collaboration with the manufacturer GENIE, we primarily service end users (manufacturers, businesses & small trade) as an independent distribution partner who, in addition to the equipment trade, can also offer service & training. Write us an email or call us right away: +49 (0) 731 - 40 35 831.


Scissor lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
GS 1330Elektro5,90 m0,46 m885 kg
GS 1530Elektro6,57 m0,91 m1.257 kg
GS 1930Elektro7,79 m0,91 m1.476 kg
GS 2032Elektro7,90 m0,91 m2.012 kg
GS 2046Elektro7,90 m0,91 m1.974 kg
GS 2669 BEElektro/Diesel9,70 m1,52 m3.859 kg
GS 2669 DCElektro9,70 m1,52 m3.597 kg
GS 2669 RTDiesel9,70 m1,52 m3.309 kg
GS 2646Elektro9,80 m0,91 m2.447 kg
GS 2632Elektro9,93 m0,91 m1.959 kg
GS 3246Elektro11,50 m0,91 m2.812 kg
GS 3232Elektro11,75 m0,91 m2.352 kg
GS 3369 BEElektro/Diesel11,75 m1,52 m3.741 kg
GS 3369 DCElektro11,75 m1,52 m3.480 kg
GS 3369 RTDiesel11,75 m1,52 m3.490 kg
GS 3384 RTDiesel11,94 m1,22/1,52 m5.364 kg
GS 3390 RTDiesel11,94 m1,22/1,52 m5.433 kg
GS 4046 E-DriveElektro13,94 m0,91 m3.117 kg
GS 4069 BEElektro/Diesel14,12 m1,52 m4.893 kg
GS 4069 DCElektro14,12 m1,52 m4.924 kg
GS 4069 RTDiesel14,12 m1,52 m4.681 kg
GS 3390 RTDiesel14,75 m1,22/1,52 m5.849 kg
GS 4655Elektro16,02 m1,22 m3.700 kg
GS 5390 RTDiesel17,95 m1,22/1,52 m7.515 kg

Telescopic-articulated aerial platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
Z 30/20N RJElektro10,89 m6,25 m6.450 kg
Z 30/20NElektro11,14 m6,53 m6.428 kg
Z 33/18Elektro12,00 m5,57 m3.665 kg
Z 34/22 BEElektro/Diesel12,52 m6,78 m5.632 kg
Z 34/22 DCElektro12,52 m6,78 m5.179 kg
Z 34/22 NElektro12,52 m6,78 m5.171 kg
Z34/22 ICDiesel12,54 m6,78 m4.929 kg
Z 40/23 NElektro14,32 m6,91 m6.908 kg
Z 40/23 N RJElektro14,32 m6,91 m6.940 kg
Z 45 XCDiesel15,86 m7,55 m6.870 kg
Z 45 DCElektro15,92 m6,94 mTBC
Z 45 FEElektro/Diesel15,92 m6,94 m6.577 kg
Z 45/25 J BEElektro/Diesel15,94 m7,65 m7.620 kg
Z 45/25 J DCElektro15,94 m7,65 m7.394 kg
Z 51/30 J RTDiesel17,59 m9,37 m7.394 kg
Z 60/37 DCElektro20,16 m11,15 m7.530 kg
Z 60/37 FEElektro/Diesel20,16 m11,15 m7.756 kg
Z 62/40Diesel20,78 m12,42 m10.281 kg
Z 80/60Diesel25,77 m18,29 m16.284 kg
ZX 135/70Diesel43,15 m21,26 m21.092 kg

Telescopic boom lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
S 40 TraxDiesel14,04 m9,47 m6.969 kg
S 40 XCDiesel14,04 m9,47 m6.407 kg
S 45 TraxDiesel15,56 m11,02 m7.956 kg
S 45 XCDiesel15,56 m11,02 m7.394 kg
S 65 TraxDiesel21,81 m16,51 m13.154 kg
S 65 XCDiesel21,81 m16,51 m11.412 kg
S 80 XCDiesel26,38 m20,83 m16.783 kg
S 85 XCDiesel27,91 m22,71 m17.917 kg
SX 105 XCDiesel34,00 m24,38 m19.300 kg
S 120 HDDiesel38,58 m22,26 m20.788 kg
SX 125 XCDiesel40,10 m24,38 m20.700 kg
SX 135 XCDiesel43,15 m27,43 m21.546 kg
SX 150Diesel48,33 m24,40 m22.657 kg
SX 180Diesel56,86 m24,38 m24.948 kg

Mast working platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
GR 12Elektro5,45 m0,51 m717 kg
GR 15Elektro6,52 m0,51 m994 kg
GR 20Elektro8,02 m0,51 m1.112 kg

Trailer aerial platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
TZ 34/20Elektro12,36 m5,59 m1.438 kg
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