SKYJACK - reliable technology from Canada

SKYJACK was founded in 1985 and has since gained a good reputation for quality and reliability. The manufacturer quickly became an industry leader by providing machine features that combine durability, quality and ease of maintenance. These features have made the products world renowned for their reliability.

SKYJACK has been part of Linamar Corporation since 2002, a diversified global manufacturing company for sophisticated products. Through this incorporation, the manufacturer can operate globally. Work platforms from 5.65m - 28.21m are available in mast lifts, scissor lifts, and telescopic & telescopic-articulated aerial platforms worldwide.


In collaboration with the manufacturer SKYJACK, we primarily service end users (manufacturers, businesses & small trade) as an independent distribution partner who, in addition to the equipment trade, can also offer service & training. Write us an email or call us right away: +49 (0) 731 - 40 35 831.


Mast working platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
SJ12Elektro5,65 m0,00 m864 kg
SJ16Elektro6,75 m0,00 m971 kg

Telescopic- and articulated boom lifts

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
SJ45 TDiesel15,77 m12,12 m7.100 kg
SJ66 TDiesel22,12 m17,37 m12.800 kg
SJ86 TDiesel28,21 m23,42 m17.556 kg
SJ30 ARJEElektro11,00 m6,35 m5.750 kg
SJ46 AJDiesel16,10 m7,54 m6.500 kg
SJ51 AJDiesel17,55 m9,03 m7.300 kg
SJ63 AJDiesel21,38 m12,19 m10.200 kg
SJ85 AJDiesel27,91 m17,07 m16.965 kg

Scissor lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
SJIII 3215Elektro6,57 m0,91 m1.120 kg
SJIII 3219Elektro7,79 m0,91 m1.312 kg
SJIII 3220Elektro8,10 m0,91 m1.594 kg
SJIII 3226Elektro9,92 m0,91 m1.890 kg
SJIII 4626Elektro9,92 m1,22 m2.170 kg
SJ6826 RTDiesel9,92 m1,52 m3.500 kg
SJIII 4632Elektro11,75 m1,22 m2.302 kg
SJ6832 RTDiesel11,75 m1,52 m3.781 kg
SJ6832 RTEElektro11,75 m1,52 m3.844 kg
SJ9233 RTDiesel12,06 m2x 1,52 m6.023 kg
SJIII 4740Elektro13,80 m0.90 m2.985 kg
SJ9243 RTDiesel15,11 m2x 1,52 m7.158 kg
SJ9253 RTDiesel18,15 m2x 1,52 m8.473 kg
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