AIRO - the new generation of working platforms from Italy

In ancient Greek AIRO means to rise, to lift, to go up: which name could be more appropriate for a company with a sound history and a strong drive for technological research? The concept of elevation has always been a part of TIGIEFFE's DNA. The company was founded in 1980 as a partner for the construction of special elevating working platforms for PIMESPO (now FIAT OM PIMESPO CARRELLI ELEVATORI and owned by the LINDE Group) and initially worked as a elevating working platforms dealer with LINDE GULDNER ITALIANA.

The close collaboration with Pimespo and Linde strengthened the culture of quality and safety already rooted in Tigieffe, which, combined with the strong desire to "aim high", led TIGIEFFE to start building self-propelled elevating working platforms and to use "AIRO" as a product brand.

The brand AIRO of the Tigieffe-Group offers working platforms at 6,70m-23,00m working height with diesel- & electric drive in a manufactory design. Furthermore, additional niche devices are offered. In addition to the standard equipment, the AIRO brand also offers EX-protected platforms on request.


In collaboration with the general importer OMME-Lift GmbH, we service our customers (rental companies, manufacturers, businesses & small trade) as an independent distribution partner who, in addition to the equipment trade, can also offer service & training. Write us an email or call us right away: +49 (0) 731 - 40 35 831.


Scissor lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
XS 7 EElektro6,70 m1,00 m1.430 kg
XS 8 E LightElektro8,00 m1,00 m1.520 kg
XS 8 EElektro8,03 m1,00 m1.770 kg
X 8 ENElektro8,30 m1,50 m2.000 kg
XS 9 EElektro9,38 m1,00 m2.000 kg
X 10 ENElektro10,20 m1,50 m2.750 kg
X 10 EWElektro10,20 m1,50 m2.350 kg
X 10 EW WindElektro10,20 m1,50 m2.850 kg
X 12 ENElektro12,00 m1,50 m3.430 kg
X 12 EWElektro12,00 m1,50 m2.828 kg
X 12 EW WindElektro12,00 m1,50 m3.320 kg
X 12 RTEDiesel12,15 m1,50 m4.580 kg
X 12 RTDDiesel12,20 m0,85 m3.200 kg
X 14 ENElektro14,00 m1,50 m3.600 kg
X 14 EWElektro14,00 m1,50 m3.365 kg
X 14 RTEDiesel14,00 m1,50 m4.780 kg
X 14 RTDDiesel14,23 m2x 1,17 m5.870 kg
X 16 EWDiesel15,90 m1,50 m3.600 kg
XL 20 RTDDiesel19,78 m2x 1,50 m11.035 kg

Telescopic boom lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
A 12 EElektro12,00 m6,30 m3.900 kg
A 12 JEElektro12,10 m7,5 m7.510 kg
A 12 JRTDDiesel12,20 m7,10 m5.200 kg
A 13 JEElektro13,10 m8,10 m5.400 kg
A 15 JEElektro15,00 m8,95 m7.490 kg
A 15 JRTDDiesel15,10 m9,90 m6.700 kg
A 17 JEElektro17,10 m8,90 m8.375 kg
A 18 JRTD PLUSElektro18,45 m9,80 m8.530 kg
A 18 JRTH PLUSElektro18,45 m9,80 m8.930 kg
A 18 JRTE PLUSElektro18,45 m9,80 m8.950 kg
A 21 JRTDDiesel20,55 m11,25 m12.250 kg
A 21 JRTEElektro20,55 m11,25 m13.000 kg
A 23 JRTDDiesel23,10 m13,90 m14.300 kg
A 23 JRTEElektro23,10 m13,90 m15.100 kg

Mast working platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
V 6 EElektro5,50 m0,00 m780 kg
V 10 EElektro9,86 m3,30 m2.770 kg
Offers are due to change