Telescopical-/ Articulated Booms

HTV telescopic boom lifts for professionals who want to aim high

Lifting platforms with telescopic extension have a robust build and score with their extraordinary swivel range. Do you need a working platform with maximum maximum outreach and major height? Then the telescopic boom lifts, also known as aerial platforms or elevating platforms are exactly the right thing for you. Telescopic boom lifts reach working heights of up to 57 metres and are mainly powered by diesel engines. They have proven their worth in a wide range of operations on construction sites and in challenging industrial operations. Since telescopic boom lifts work without hydraulic stamps, they can in some cases, also be moved while fully extended.

HTV telescopic-articulated aerial platforms - the flexible problem solvers for hard-to-reach places

Telescopic-articulated aerial platforms are extremely manoueverable and flexible, especially due to their three-dimensional, partly built-in, basket arm. They are the ideal solution for working areas that are difficult to access and angled working areas. If equipped with a hybrid motor, this ensures that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Telescopic-articulated aerial platforms can also be operated from the basket and guarantee optimum work processes. They can reach heights of up to 46 metres.

HTV lifting mast working platforms offer precise handling in the smallest of spaces

Lift mast working platforms impress with their compact design. They are characterised by their low weight and can therefore be easily transported. Even the very small dimensions of the equipment for lifting platforms make them ideal machines for operations at angled and difficult to reach working areas. Lifting mast lifts reach working heights of 6 to 15 metres and can be used both indoors and to a limited extent, outdoors. The small turning radius and the very sensitive controls enable precise manoeuvring in the smallest of spaces. Mast working platforms can also be moved when fully extended, like telescopic and telescopic-articulated aerial platforms.


  • Four-wheel/chain drive and foamed tread tyres for use in rough and uneven terrain
  • Four-wheel steering ensures absolute manoeuvrability
  • Active & passive swing axle for comfortable off-road travel
  • Stamps are not necessary for these machines
  • All control functions can be operated from the basket
  • Optimum mobility of the basket arm, in some cases it can be swivelled in all directions
  • From 0.81 m width, up to 57.00 m working height
  • Lifting loads from 180 kg - 454 kg possible

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Telescopical-/ Articulated Booms

Our offer:

Type Year of manufacture Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
SKY JACK SJ16 ECO 2023 6,72 m 0,40 m 931 kg
GROVE TOUCAN 1100 1999 11,00 m 3,25 m 3.515 kg
GENIE Z 30/20 N 2009 11,20 m 6,40 m 6.600 kg
MECAPLUS MEI 12SL 2012 12,00 m 6,30 m 4.900 kg
HAULOTTE HA 12 IP 2006 12,00 m 6,70 m 5.910 kg
GENIE Z34/22 N 2011 12,52 m 6,78 m 5.171 kg
GENIE S 40 D 4 WD 1998 14,20 m 9,70 m 5.285 kg
HINOWA LIGHT III 2010S Performance 2013 20,15 m 9,70 m 2.940 kg
NIFTY-LIFT HR 21 BI-ENERGY 4 WD 2015 20,80 m 12,80 m 6.613 kg
Offers are due to change