Scissor lifts

HTV scissor lifts - the all-rounders for outdoors and indoors

Scissor lifts are the ideal lifting platforms for vertical work on vertical facades or hall ceilings, for example. With their large lifting tables, they offer plenty of space for people and materials. Depending on the model, the self-propelled scissor lifts transport a lifting load of up to 1,000 kilograms up to a height of more than 30 metres.

HTV aerial work platforms with outdoor power

As powerful professional machines, the diesel scissor lifts also master unpaved terrain. They are extremely stable due to their hydraulic stamps. This makes them easy to manouevre, even on slopes. All control functions are easy to operate from a height from the platform. Whether on construction sites or glass buildings - scissor lifts take you to working areas you would otherwise not be able to reach.

Small but impressive working platforms

Scissor lifts are diverse. With the battery-operated devices you can work in the tightest of spaces, quickly and efficiently - a minimum width of 75 centimetres makes it possible. The small and manageable devices are emission-free and leave no tyre markings on delicate floors. Depending on the model, you can extend the work surface so that there is enough space for both workers and tools.


  • Four-wheel or chain drive
  • Hydraulic stamps for use on rough terrain and uneven ground
  • Active & passive swing axles enable comfortable off-road driving
  • Environmentally friendly electric drive system with large battery capacity or low-emission diesel engine, in some cases also as a hybrid version
  • From 0.75 m width, up to 35 m working height
  • Large working platform, lifting loads of up to 1,135 kg
  • All control functions can be operated from the platform

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Scissor lifts

Our offer:

Type Year of manufacture Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
GENIE GS 1530 2013 6,40 m 0,91 m 1.233 kg
SNORKEL S 1930 2011 7,80 m 0,90 m 1.379 kg
MEC 2033 ES 2008 8,10 m 0,90 m 1.730 kg
HAB-MEC 2647 ES 2007 9,80 m 1,00 m 2.404 kg
PB-DINGLI S100-8 ECO 2013 10,00 m 0,90 m 2.100 kg
JCB 2646E 2019 10,10 m 0,90 m 2.528 kg
HAULOTTE COMPACT 10 2014 10,14 m 0,92 m 2.280 kg
JLG 3246ES 2012 11,78 m 1,10 m 2.900 kg
JLG 3369 E 2000 12,06 m 1,20 m 3.555 kg
HAULOTTE COMPACT 12 RTE 2008 12,14 m 1,20 m 3.720 kg
GENIE GS 4390 RT 4 WD 2018 15,10 m 2 x 1,30 m 7.016 kg
HAULOTTE 18 SX 2007 18,00 m 2 x 1,00 m 7.300 kg
Offers are due to change