ATN platforms

ATN - the specialists from France

Since 2000 ATN has been the name for niche products in the field of height access technology. The company was founded in Tonneins in the department Lot-et-Garonne in France and relocated to a new site with new buildings in Fauillet in 2013. On August 6, 2018, through the French company CTELM, the FASSI industrial group became the new owner of ATN.

ATN has made a name for itself with the manufacture and further development of mast boom lifts, as the founders of ATN are the original developers of the well-known TOUCAN mast boom lift. Based on their ambition to offer a very good price/performance ratio and innovative products, ATN also provides, besides their basic products, telescopic-articulated lifts, compact crawler booms and scissor lifts, with working heights from 9.92m - 16.00m.


In collaboration with the manufacturer ATN, we service our customers (rental companies, manufacturers, businesses & small trade) as an independent distribution partner who, in addition to the equipment trade, can also offer service & training. Write us an email or call us right away: +49 (0) 731 - 40 35 831.

ATN platforms

Mast working platforms:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
Piaf 880RElektro8,80 m3,36 m2.600 kg
Piaf 10REElektro9,93 m3,51 m2.850 kg
Piaf 1010Elektro10,05 m3,35 m2.780 kg
Piaf 12REElektro11,83 m5,10 m4.350 kg
Piaf 13REElektro12,65 m6,05 m5.140 kg

Telescopic boom lifts:

Type Engine Working height Maximum Outreach Total weight
Zebra 16 StabDiesel16,80 m9,40 m8.050 kg
Mygale 23 v2Diesel22,85 m11,00 m3.450 kg
Offers are due to change